3-1-20 – ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Part 4

Series Description:

Marriage is based on a ________________________________________________, not the feelings of two people.

A contract is built on __________________________________________.

A covenant is based on ________________________________________________.

Romans 5:8

Because of His _____________________ with us, God went ___________ while we put in __________________.

Divorce is not a ___________ of problems; it’s an _______________________ of problems.

All problems are ______________________, even affairs

Doing married people things in a dating relationship and then breaking up is like ___________________________________________.

The key to a happy marriage is not you ____________________ the right person; it’s you _______________________ the right person.

It isn’t about ______________________. It’s about __________________________.

Love is not a _____________. It is a ______________.

Love is not a ____________________. It is an __________________.

Love is not an ___________________. It is a ____________________.

That process is not about ____________________, it’s about ________________________.

We are not compatible is a ________. What you mean to say is, “___ don’t want to change who ___ am.”

The key to rebuilding a broken marriage is not to recapture a ________________ of love, but to begin ________________ love.

John 13:34

We either take our cues, regarding love, from _________ or from the _______________.

1 John 4:7-12

1 John 4:19-21

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