2-23-20 – ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Part 3

Series Description:

Building a strong marriage may be easier for some, but it is ___________________________________________.Romans 8:1-4

There is no condemnation for those in Christ…God condemned the sin, but you have been set free from the bondage….so don’t _____________ ____________________________________

Romans 8:5-8

The health of your _____________ largely dictates the health of your ______________________.

James 4:1-2

We cannot live in ________________ marriages apart from ___________.

Marriages, like the human body, naturally ___________________ over time.

Mark 3:25

As Christian couples, we must do everything possible to remain ____________________ and not ________________________.

James 3:2-12

We can _________________, ______________________________________ and __________________________ our marriages with our words.

We can also ____________________, ___________________________, _______________ and ___________ our marriages with our words.

All Christians are given opportunities to both _____________ and ________________ forgiveness. This certainly exists within marriage.

True forgiveness, within a marriage, is a choice to set your spouse free from the ________________ of an _____________________.

If you think something good, ________________.

Hebrews 3:13

Regularly encouraging your spouse will help to prevent them from being hardened by ______________________________________.

Guys want to know, “Do you __________________ in me today?”

Girls want to know, “Do you ___________ me today?”

____________________ what you want ___________________.

To get what you’ve ________________________, you have to do what you’ve ______________________.

To get what you ____________________, you must do what you _______ ________.

If you want what other people _____________________, then you have to do what other people ____________________.

You will never _________________ your way into a better marriage.

Not only can the things we _________ have negative effects on your marriage, but also the things that we ____________________.

James 1:19-25

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