1-12-20 – Small Changes, Big Impact, Part 2

Series Description:

Prayer: The lost discipline that will ______________ your life.

With the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus combines ______________________ with ______________________ that gives it originality and a universal appeal.

It’s important to note that Jesus’ admonishing is to ____________ _________________ not _____________________________________.

More is involved in hallowing God’s name than merely __________ __________________________. God’s name is hallowed when He is _________________, ________________, and His ______________ ____________ (in every area of our lives).

The Lord’s Prayer invites us to _______________________________ and ______________________________ – with God and His body, the church.

This is an affirmation that in addition to our __________________ needs, God cares about our _________________________________ needs.

What is being described here is the __________________________ forgiveness, not ___________________________ forgiveness.

________________________ heavenly Father will also forgive you, __________________________________________ forgive men when they sin against you. ________________________ not forgive men their sins, _________ your Father _______________________ your sins?

God alone is our ___________________.

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