1-5-20 – Small Changes, Big Impact, Part 1

Series Description:

Small changes can result in _________________________________ down the road.

Small improvements, done _________________________________, lead to astounding differences.

One small change for a big impact – Learn to say, “______”.

Mark 1:29-39

·He was saying no to what was ___________, so that he could say yes to something _____________.

·He was doing less of what ____________________________, so that he could do more of what ______________________.

Saying no does not make you ________________________.

Always saying, “Yes” leads to…

Learning to say, “No” leads to…

In spite of how it might feel, “No” is not a _____________________ __________.

__________ is not the same as ____________________.

Say no to the things that clutter your _____________ and ________ like: jam-packed calendars, unaffordable purchases, faith-stealing fear and life-robbing relationships.

Saying no isn’t about _____________________, but about doing more of what __________________________________.

It means skipping the lesser things, so that you have more capacity for that which is great.

Luke 8:23, shows us that even Jesus made time for ___________.

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