9-22-19 – Fishers of Men, Part 2

Speaker: Terren Wise In order for our hardened hearts to be stirred, we must stare directly into the eyes of the ______________________________. Luke 16:19-31 Man’s greatest hope is found only in the ___________ of ______. We must ____________________! Romans 10:8-15 The hope for the most hardened sinner in any of our lives is this: _________________________! Read more about 9-22-19 – Fishers of Men, Part 2[…]

9-15-19 – Fishers of Men, Part 1

Speaker: Terren Wise Sermon audio unavailable For us to grasp the importance of evangelism, we need to understand _________________________________. Romans 10:17 There is no other way for someone to spend eternity with God apart from ________________, ____________________, ___________________ and ________________ the gospel of Jesus. ___________________ was not intended to be like an option in the Read more about 9-15-19 – Fishers of Men, Part 1[…]

9-8-19 – Malachi, Part 4

Speaker: Terren Wise The day is coming when a _______________________________ and it will be both ______________ and ___________________. We must believe with all of our heart that __________________ and ___________ are both real. Matthew 25:31-46 For those who revere the name of God, we will finally ________ ____________, find _______________ for our greatest disease and Read more about 9-8-19 – Malachi, Part 4[…]

9-1-19 – Malachi, Part 3

Speaker: Terren Wise The role of every pastor within a church is to ___________________ knowledge, deliver ____________ message and speak the ________________ truth. When we teach less than the ______________ authority and ___________________ truth of scripture we cause ______________________ damage to the souls of those who listen. We should be concerned with what __________________________ over Read more about 9-1-19 – Malachi, Part 3[…]