9-30-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 5

Speaker: Terren Wise Sermon Notes Daniel 6:6-24 7 principles we can apply from the life of Daniel:   Small        can have big                                             .   Always communicate with ,                                           and _______________________.   This world is not your home, .   Our faith is the  through which the                                      of God pass through.   Our faith does not Read more about 9-30-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 5[…]

9-23-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 4

Speaker: Terren Wise Sermon Notes 1 Samuel 16-1 Kings 2 David was an ordinary unlikely hero His ______________ made him an unlikely hero. His lack of ______________ made him an unlikely hero. His ______________ made him an unlikely hero. His ______________ made him an unlikely hero. 7 Lessons From the Life of David Go ______________ with your giants, and take God Read more about 9-23-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 4[…]

9-16-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 3

Speaker: Terren Wise Sermon Notes 16 Lessons That We Learn From Samson’s Fall 1. God does not throw you out when _________________. (Psalm 103:8) 2. In spite of his sin, God still had __________ for Samson’s life and still used him. 3. God gives us gifts and abilities that He intends us to use for____________________. Read more about 9-16-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 3[…]

9-9-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 2

Speaker: Terren Wise Sermon Notes 1 Kings 17 and 18 Before you today stand two options – We can live either a _________ driven life or a _________ driven life, but we cannot live both.   We all experience trials in life. In trials, one of two things will happen, we will _________ or we will  _________ inadequate.   Wilderness Read more about 9-9-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 2[…]

9-2-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 1

Speaker: Terren Wise Sermon Notes:   Judges 6   Gideon – A man depicted as having a _____________ greater than his ________________. When the Angel called him a “mighty warrior,” he was not referring to who Gideon was, but to who he would become through ______________.          In verse 13, Gideon asks two questions that Read more about 9-2-18 – Unlikely Heroes, Part 1[…]